Excellence through Academic & Development Endeavors

  SEC Registration No. CN201539886


 The  Asian Intellect  for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. has the following objectives:

       -to provide an avenue for academics to come together for developmental purposes;

       - to come up with events like conferences and seminars that will enhance the professional growth of the members; and,

       - to come up with publications that will promote development among academicians.

Certificate of Incorporation



PRESIDENT ~ Julie Liezel Calma

Vice President  ~ Dr. RODNEY P. DAVIS
Troy University, Alabama, USA

Secretary ~ Marilyn T. Sanchez
Department of Education 

Treasurer ~ Melvin Ren Addun
Angeles University Foundation

PIO and External Relations Officer ~ Jergen Jel A. Cinco- Labaria
Western Philippines University

The Asian Intellect  for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. is an organization that was put up and conceptualized by a group of Academics with the goal in mind of becoming an avenue for gathering together professionals and educators in the Philippines, in Asia and possibly around the globe for the purposes of advancement in academic growth and development.

The  Asian Intellect 
 for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. hopes to come up with meaningful and relevant activities like conferences, forums, and seminars that will bring together academics and educators to a scholarly environment while enjoying the company and camaraderie of colleagues and new professional acquaintances.

The  Asian Intellect
also plans to produce and issue publications like newsletters and journals that will showcase and disseminate the academic works of the members.


To make the  Asian Intellect for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc.  the frontrunner in the Philippines and Asia in the conduct of relevant activities which will uphold, promote, and cultivate the development of academics in all facets of their careers especially in their professional persona.