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2nd Gender and Development Competition and Conference in Research and Education (GADCCIRAE 2019)

Date:       July 21-23, 2019

Venue:  Crown Legacy Hotel,

​              Baguio City, Philippines



The “2nd  Gender and Development Competition and Conference in Research and Education (GADCCIRAE 2019)” which is originally scheduled on April 22-24, 2019  at  the Crown Legacy Hotel in Baguio City and organized  by  the    Asian Intellect   for  ACADEMIC  ORGANIZATION  and  DEVELOPMENT  Inc.,  is postponed and now re-scheduled to July 21-23, 2019 due to some unforeseen circumstances.

The activity shall be a gathering of GAD proponents and researchers from all over the Philippines so as to promote and update the academe to GAD-related research findings, discoveries, news, and breakthroughs. This event shall comprise of research presentations and research competitions about GAD and also to convene the GAD advocates from all over the country in an academic environment. Speakers will be experts and GAD enthusiasts from the academe and local government. The GADCCIRAE aims to create updated awareness about GAD development and success stories in the country.

In connection, we would like to invite you, your GAD  Director and staff,  your faculty-researchers  and staff, as well  as  your  graduate students  to  the activity. It has the theme, “Equality and Understanding for GAD through Research”.

Attendees may either be 1. Plain GAD Paper Presenter; 2. GAD Competing Paper Presenter; and, 3. GAD Conference Participant.

Paper presenters are advised to submit GAD-related researches or Education and Social Sciences researches with GAD implications or GAD concerns.

Registration fees are shown below:
P5500 – Live out Participant/Observer

P5500 – Live out Plain Paper Presenter

P5900 – Live out Competing Presenter

P3000 – Accommodation (If live in)

P3500 – fee for 2nd or 3rd paper

Presented papers will have a chance to be published to any of our three journals subject to terms and mechanics for journal publication: Journal publication fee is P3500 but optional.
1. Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal, Volume 11, June 2019, ISSN 2467-4885 (Printed);
2. Asian Intellect E-Journal for Science, Mathematics, and Technology, Vol. 2,ISSN 2467-4915 (Online);
3.Asian Intellect E-Journal for Research, Education and Management, Vol. 2, ISSN2467-4893 (Online).

All of the Asian Intellect Journals are international-refereed journals thru double-blind evaluation process. Evaluators are experts and practitioners in the fields of education and research here and abroad.

For those who are interested to join either the Plain or Competing presentations, abstracts of not more than 300  words  in  MS  Word  format  using  12  pt.  Roman  Style  font  may  be  emailed  to asianintellectorg@gmail.com with the subject title of ‘ABSTRACTS for 2nd GADCCIRAE’ on or before July 05, 2019   while complete research paper, registration form, and approved travel order should be submitted on or before July 12, 2019. Please indicate in your email if the abstract you are sending us is for Plain Presentation or Competition Category. A Notice of Acceptance will be emailed to accepted authors three days upon receipt of abstracts.

The 2nd GADCCIRAE is endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education dated March 15, 2019. 

For more information, details, and reservation of slots to the conference, please send us sms or call us at the following mobile numbers: +639326758296 or email us at asianintellectinc@gmail.com. You may also visit our website at www.asianintellect.org and FB page @Asian Intellect Org for more updates.

Thank you very much and more power!