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Online Seminar-Workshop in Research-Writing for Publication and Funding via Zoom

Date:       APRIL 9-11, 2021

                 via ZOOM

The Asian Intellect for Academic Organization and Development Inc. is happy to invite you to attend the “Online Seminar-Workshop in Research-Writing for Publication and Funding via Zoom” which will be conducted online on April 9-11, 2021 with the theme “Published and Funded Research towards Innovation and Progression”.  The seminar-workshop is aiming to update the skills and ‘know-how’ of the researchers not only in writing research but specifically on how to write papers with the end in mind of having the research published and funded. The speaker is an expert in research-writing and funding as well as publication processes. He himself is a seasoned researcher, published, and well-renowned and respected in the area of research.

The seminar-workshop has the following objectives:

  • To update the researchers in new trends in research writing
  • To familiarize the participants with techniques and processes in writing research for publication purposes
  • To improve the chances of the research writers to facilitate funding for their research.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of eight hundred ninety-five pesos only (P895.00) will be assessed for each participant who is a member of the Asian Intellect from 2015 until March 01, 2021 and nine hundred ninety-five pesos only (P995) for non-members. The registration fee is inclusive of E-certificate, E-seminar ID, and seminar materials.

Please confirm your participation by sending us the attached Confirmation Slip and proof of registration fee until March 31, 2021 to help us prepare the necessary logistics and to be assured a slot to the seminar.

Thank you and we will see you online!

 Truly yours,

 (SGD) Janela C. Ferrer
Seminar Secretary

Download Confirmation Slip here​​