Excellence through Academic & Development Endeavors

  SEC Registration No. CN201539886

Thank you for your interest to be a member of the Asian Intellect for Academic Organization and Development Inc. which was founded in 2015. We invite you to look at our website, www.asianintellect.org to be familiar with the organization, our events, and our publications.

Membership is open to all professionals especially those who are in the academe but also accept professionals from other industries. 

Know about the organization: 

The Asian Intellect for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. was put up in July 2015 and conceptualized by a group of Academics with the goal in mind of becoming an avenue for gathering together professionals and educators in the Philippines, in Asia and possibly around the globe for the purposes of advancement in academic growth and development. The AIFAOADI conducts research conferences and seminars and also publishes academic journals. To know more about us, please check our website at www.asianintellect.org and our FB page, Asian Intellect Org.

Who can be a member:

All professionals in the academe and related fields may apply or renew for membership to the Asian Intellect FAOAD Inc.

How to be a member:

Interested professionals may apply for membership by filling out the membership form below and emailing it to membership.asianintellect@gmail.com along with the proof of membership fees and ID picture

Membership Fee:

Membership fee is P1000 valid for 3 years. Membership fee maybe settled through Gcash 09199322672 or Paymaya 09185615295.

Benefits for members:

Members will have the privilege of being invited to all of our activities like international research conferences and seminars. Members will also be invited to publish to the Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal. Being a part of a professional organization like the Asian Intellect increases our visibility and collaboration opportunities with other professionals in the academe.