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4th International Conference in Research, Education, Management and the Social Sciences (ICREMSS 2020)

Date:       DECEMBER 19-21, 2020 

                 via ZOOM

The Asian Intellect for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. is pleased to announce that we will have a repeat of the 4rd International Conference in Research, Education, Management and the Social Sciences but this time it shall be online via ZOOM, the 4th ICREMSS-ONLINE will be held on December 19-21, 2020 via ZOOM. This is organized to give a chance to paper presenters who missed the activity in November 2019 to submit their abstracts and present their papers online and for participants to attend online as well.

In connection, we wish to invite you and your faculty-researchers to join as Online Paper Presenters and to send abstracts or for Online Participants who are not to present papers but would like to come online to observe and share knowledge with other researchers.

The international conference shall be a gathering of researchers who have completed papers conducted here and abroad. The event shall be an avenue for research dissemination and exchange of insights among researchers and academics. The acceptable topics for the conference may include but are not limited to the following:

Marketing Research
K-12  and Outcomes Based Education
Human Resource System
Business, Entrepreneurship and Industry Research
Curriculum and Instruction
Psychology and Human Behaviour
Environment Research
Pedagogy and E-Learning
History, Arts and Culture
Ethical and Animal Science Research
Basic and Higher Education
Management Issues and Trends
Information Science Researches
General and Physical Education
Leadership and Management
Mathematics and Engineering Research
Instructional Materials
Social Praxis and Political Science
Telecommunications and Transportation Research
Health Education
Government System and Practices
Health Science Research
Academic Affairs and Administration
Sociology and Anthropology
Invited to attend online are officials, faculty researchers, and graduate students from higher educational institutions. E-Certificates of Presentation and Participation will be awarded to Online Paper Presenters while E-Certificate of Online Participation shall be awarded to Participants/Observers. Online Paper presenters and Online Participants will all be furnished E-copy of the Book of Abstracts with ISSN 2467-4907.

Abstracts may be sent to asianintellectinc@gmail.com with subject matter of ‘ABSTRACT SUBMISSION to 4th ICREMSS-ONLINE’ not later than December 4, 2020. Abstracts should follow the format below:
Microsoft Office Word (Not PDF); Not more than 300 words
Times New Roman Font 12, Single Spaced
Should contain the name of the authors/s; institution; contact numbers and email address
Should contain the ff.: Title; Statement of the Problem/Objectives; Short Methodology; Concise Findings; and; Few recommendations.

Presented papers will have a chance to be published to the Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal, Volume 18, March 2021 issue with ISSN 2467-4885 (Printed) subject to terms and mechanics for journal publication. Journal publication fee is P3500 but optional. The Asian Intellect Journal is an international-refereed journal thru double-blind evaluation process. Evaluators are experts and practitioners in the fields of education and research here and abroad. Our journal is printed but we upload our issues to our website for the possibility of citation opportunities.

Registration fee is P1850 for Online Paper Presenters who are members of Asian Intellect FAOAD Inc.  and  P2450 for non-members. The fee includes E-copy of the Book of Abstracts, and E-Certificates.  Participants/Observers are to be assessed registration fee of P500 for Asian Intellect FAOAD Inc. members and P1000 for non-members. The fee shall also include E-copy of the Book of Abstracts and E-certificate. For online paper presenters and Participants/Observers who are interested to have a printed certificate, P500 shall be assessed for certificate printing and shipping. Printed copy of the Book of Abstracts may also be requested for a fee of P500 inclusive of shipping. All payment shall be settled via GCash (0919 932 2672) or thru Palawan Express.

The 4th ICREMSS was recognized and endorsed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in its Memorandum from the Chairperson dated October 3, 2019. There is no new CHED Endorsement for the 4th ICREMSS-Online.

For inquiries, confirmation of attendance, or reservation of slots, please contact us at +639326758296/ 0454933106. You may also visit our website, www.asianintellect.org for more details about organization and the conference and for download of registration forms.

Download Registration Form here