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The Research and Education Journal Volume 9 is an international-refereed journal published quarterly  by the Asian Intellect Org. Inc.
1. All completed research papers are qualified to be published to the Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal Volume 9 (subject to evaluation and revision of   

         paper as per the referee result).
2. To apply, follow the following steps:
         a.   Fill out  application slip which is downloadable from the Asian Intellect website.
         b.  Send payment thru LBC/Western Union or Palawan Express thru the ‘pick up anywhere’ transaction and send  the payment  in the name of 
                     JULIE LIEZEL C. FERRER
                     Asian Intellect for Academic Organization and Development Inc.
                     San Rafael, Tarlac City, Philippines;
3. Email to the following:
4.1 filled up/accomplished application slip;
4.2  scanned LBC/Western Union/Palawan Express transaction slip;
4.3  formatted full paper; and,
4.4 accomplished ‘Authority to Publish’.
5. Upon email of the requirements, the full paper will be evaluated and the result will be emailed to the authors for revision if necessary. Deadline for sending all

          requirements is September 30, 2018.
6. The evaluation results will be emailed  to the Corresponding Author on or before October 30, 2018.
7. The printed copy of the journal will be shipped to the authors not later than December 30, 2018.

NOTE: The Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal Volume is NOT CHED-Accredited, NOT ISIndexed, but International-Refereed.
Please note also that although printed, we upload all our volume of journals in the Asian Intellect Website at

Publication Fee:
P3500 – papers presented in any of the Asian Intellect conferences

P5000 – papers not presented in any of the Asian Intellect conferences



"Excellence through Academic & Development Endeavors"

Asian Intellect  Research and Education Journal Volume 9 December 2018