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Asian Intellect  Research and Education Journal

The Refereeing System is as follows:

  • All submitted papers for publication are classified per discipline and forwarded to external referee for evaluation.
  • Evaluators are experts and practitioners in the field of discipline where the papers are classified.
  • Referees make use of the Referee-Evaluation Result Sheet (RERS) in evaluating the papers (a copy of which is attached here for your perusal).
  • To qualify for publication, a paper must be able to garner 20 positive (+) marks out of 25 parameters.
  • Every parameter is rated either by +, x or *. A + mark means no revision needed, x means major revision while * means minor revision.
  • Final result could either be: Accept as is; Reject as is; Accept with Minor Revision; and Accept with Major Revision.

If interested to publish, please
Contact Us for inquiries and mechanics at +639324501170 or at +639326060461 or email us at asianintellectorg@gmail.com

The Asian Intellect for ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION and DEVELOPMENT Inc. invites you to submit for publication your completed research/es to the “Asian Intellect Research and Education Journal, ISSN 2467-4885”       

Topics include but are not limited to: Education; Engineering; Mathematics; Science; Technology; Business; Management; Languages; Arts; and, Culture.

Papers must be emailed to asianintellectorg@gmail.com in MS Word Format following the guidelines below:

  • The full paper should not be more than eight (8) pages.
  • The first line should be centered, bearing the title of the paper in bold capital letters, Times New Roman font size 12.
  • The entire text after the title should be in two-columns and the texts should be in size Times New Roman font 11 except for the title.
  • After the title of the paper, follows the name of the presenter/s and authors. The presenter/s name should be in asterisk.
  • After the names are the designation of the author/s, department and organization or agency.
  • It shall be followed by the complete organization address.
  • Next part is the abstract (not more than 200 words) and the not more than five keywords in bold, italic font.
  • The parts of the papers should be the following: Introduction; Statement of the Problems/Objectives; Methodology; Findings; Conclusion; Recommendation; Short Acknowledgment; and, References.